Channel Guide

To help you get the most out of this community, here is a little guide to what each channel is for.

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Info channels


A read-only channel that’s got plenty of useful links to resources that are helpful for freelancers.


Does exactly what it says on the tin: any announcements from the moderator will pop up in this read-only channel.


A standalone, read-only channel so you always have access to the code of conduct.

Text Channels


A generic channel for hanging out and chatting about whatever you want, really.


For folks to outline what they are doing today, this week or this month in a more wholesome version of the daily standup.


Got a lead for a freelance job or contracting role? Stick it in this channel so folks can see it.


Folks use this channel to ask a question and generally, a few different folks will step up and give their view on it. It’s a very wholesome place.


Got an idea for a channel? Stick it in here and we’ll all discuss and vote on it.


A place for new members to say hi and introduce themselves to the rest of the community.


If you want to get into the detail on something and are worried that you’re clogging up a channel, this channel is the perfect place to move along to, so you can carry on with your conversation.


If you’ve got some upcoming or urgent availability, pop it in here and we’ll do our best to help you fill it.


Needs some feedback on some work or maybe even some client-comms? Pop in here and we’ll chip in with constructive feedback and advice.


This is by far, the most wholesome channel in this community. Folks often pop in here to discuss mental health, their own mental health and how the world around them affects it. Some incredible conversations have already happened in here.


A place to share what you’re listening to and to chat all things music.


This channel is for chatting about tech, development and how good HTML is as a programming language.


This place is for chatting all things design, such as Lobster being the all-time greatest font.


Y’know: pics of cute pets and stuff!


Feeling proud of some stuff you’ve done? Get it in here and let us all give you a high-five!